Welcome to the Moyse Murrays

Love, kindness, and adventure

Family Mission

  • We work hard

  • We are amazing

  • We stand up straight

  • We are kind and loving

  • We are goofy and silly

  • We go on adventures

  • We make the world a better place.

Family Principles


We work to love each other, and everyone in this world, in every action we take and thought we think.


We are honest in our words to one another, and in our thoughts to ourselves.

We don’t need to make promises, because every statement is a promise.


We listen to the quiet voice in our heads that helps us choose love, honesty, spirit, and purity as the guiding forces in our lives.


We take care of our bodies with exercise and healthy food.

We take care of our minds by pushing back on mean thoughts, avoiding evil in all its forms.